If you want to learn more about our service, read the faqs below.

Car on site: Usually 1-2 business days, but if you could give us more time, that would be much appreciated.

Smart repairs:  This can usually be done on the same day or about 4-5 hours with the car on site subject to pre-booking an appointment.

Structural repairs: (straightening / welding) we offer next day service subject to pre-booking an appointment.

Yes, we can within a radius of 10-15 miles from our location provided you can be flexible with the collection date & time. An extra charge may apply, please contact us for details. 

We fully refurbish the wheels with the tyres off, unless the damage is only minor and you require a ‘smart’ localised repair.

Yes. The wheels are completely stripped back to the alloy, repaired if necessary and repainted through a multiple paint application process. 

We always balance the wheels after the full refurbishment process. We also fit new standard valves as part of the process; all this is included in the standard price.

We can repair almost all kerb damaged wheels, on many occasions the damage can look worse than it really is. The best option is full refurbishment as we completely strip away the old paint from the wheel, in most cases the worst of the damage is to the thick paint surface. If, after this, the aluminium is still damaged we have many techniques like re-welding aluminium and profiling/machining of the wheels. 

Yes they will, it is very hard to see any difference between our refurbished wheels and a brand new wheel. Only in cases where the wheel is severely corroded or has a bad casting from the factory can it be difficult to achieve our top quality finish. But there are many times when our finish looks better and even lasts longer than the one from the manufacturer.

We accept cash or we have a card reader that takes a chip, swipe or contactless payment from all major debit and credit cards.

We stock most of the wheel manufacturers’ colours, plus we mix any colour you want even the same colour as your car.

Yes, we can wet paint on plastic caps and powder coat metal caps in the same colour as your wheels, please note this service is at extra cost and are not included in the wheel refurbishment price. 

Yes, we can accommodate, completely disassemble, refurbish and reassemble most manufacturers split rims, but it takes much longer than one piece wheels. Depending on the design the repair will take between 3-5 days and the price of the repair will be more than that of a standard one-piece wheel. Please contact us to discuss your specific type of wheel.

You can save money by fitting your new and spend it on refurbishment. Because we remove the tyres for the repair process any way we don’t mind re-fitting them for you. We can also supply you with new tyres.

Yes, we can. We have a special polishing machine for polished alloy wheels and we are the leading provider of diamond cut finished wheels in Manchester.